How I Purchased My Babiie Pushchair

I recently found out it is never straightforward buying my babiie pushchair. First, most retailers don’t make it easy choosing the appropriate means of moving the baby about. Often, they use terms interchangeably which is very confusing, especially to new mothers. Second, the descriptions of the various options available online do not make it easy to purchase a pushchair from the comfort of your home. That is how I ended up in the store down the street.

Features To Look Out For

My babiie pushchair needed to have features that would give my baby the most comfort. You see, my baby is just a few weeks old. Thus, I needed a pushchair that allows me peep at my baby from now and again without turning it. This way, I can make plenty of eye contact with my baby. Also, I needed something to protect my baby from the sun, rain and dust as well as keeping him comfortable.

My Choice of Pushchair

With the many options available, it was easy to pick a three in one pushchair. This option has handy features like swivel wheels and an enclosed carrycot. The pushchair also has a seat that can be reclined fully. This way, I can adjust it to completely lie flat for safe development of my newborn baby. Further, it has a canopy to protect my baby against the elements. This pushchair can also be folded flat. Therefore, whenever I need to travel with my baby, I just slip the pushchair into the boot of my car.

The Downside

I realized my choice of pushchair was a bit expensive. Besides, it was a little too bulky and heavy. However, it was a choice to keep my baby well rested and safe. And I won’t have to carry my baby on my back for hours on end!